Jalapeno Grill and Cantina in Escondido

by Audra Leigh of SD Cheers

Jalapeno Grill and Cantina is a must try for anyone in the North County area!

The parking was a little difficult. They’ve got a parking lot in the back and there is parking on the side street, but all of those spots were filled at happy hour time and a few of us had to park in a dark alley. Not fun when we left after it got dark.

I was greeted right away by our waiter, Jorge. He was a delight to have; friendly, prompt, knowledgeable, and accommodating.

BEWARE: The chips are addicting. Better than any Mexican restaurant in Northern San Diego.

Our table dined on Coconut Shrimp and Jalapeno Cheese Sticks to start. The shrimp was perfectly cooked. There were two sauces: a spicy cream sauce that also came with the cheese sticks and the other was the SAME sauce served with calamari at 3 other restaurants I’ve reviewed……

I love cheese sticks. I love cheese sticks more than the normal gal. I love them so much I know that Denny’s and Jack in the box happen to be the best place to satisfy my craving. My hope is to find a restaurant that can make them that good consistently: Hot, melted, crispy on the outside, great sauce to accompany it. Not the case here and I was SOOOOO disappointed. The breading looked amazing with the chunks of jalapeno floating around, but biting into the cheese was like biting into my child’s string cheese stick. Can someone please tell me why a restaurant can not master the art of melting cheese and a fast food chain can???

Being at a Steakhouse I had to order some sort of meat dish. I ordered the Prime Rib Chico Cut. Chico was the smallest and most reasonable cut at $15.95 and served with 2 sides of my choice. I ordered the Jalapeno Cheddar Mashed Potatoes and the black beans. My plate came out filled to the max and my Prime Rib was no chico!!!

The Prime Rib was aged and cooked to perfection. The best Prime Rib that I can remember, to be honest. It was tender and melted in my mouth with so much flavor that I savored every last bite. (With the appetizers already taken in, I couldn’t finish my plate, but were great leftovers the next day)

Prime Rib at Jalapeno Grill in Escondido

The mashed potatoes were a delicious side and went well with the meat. I never even tried the black beans.

I loved every minute here and recommend you ALL try it!!! I can’t wait to go back and try out one of their amazing specials.

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How to Use a Telephone with a Hearing Aid

If you have a hearing aid, there are new habits that need to be formed for every day tasks like talking on the phone. This quick video demonstrates how you need to change the positioning of the receiver.

For more tips on hearing loss and hearing aids, check out our YouTube Channel. If you’d like to schedule a FREEhearing test, call us at 760-854-4570 or go to our website for more contact information. We are located in Oceanside, Encinitas, and Escondido.

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Fresco Trattoria & Bar Carlsbad

by Audra Leigh

-—->Click here for pictures<—–

Fresco won me over right from the start with ample parking in the adjacent lot. Talk about a good first impression! I am the worst parallel parker ever, so I was a bit worried about where I might park, and was greatly relieved to see the parking lot. Usually, downtown restaurants have valet parking (which I am too frugal to pay for), but rarely do they offer easy, close parking in their own lot–a huge plus.

As I headed into the restaurant, I noticed the delightful patio, where I’m sure it would be wonderful to spend warmer evenings, and I think I spotted a small fire pit too, which seems quite inviting. The restaurant itself has a warm and inviting feel, perfectly decorated with a classy Italian decor. No Olive Garden chain-feel here, as Fresco feels much more like a genuine eatery one would find in a small Italian town.

I recommend Fresco as a great place for a date (even an early one, as you could walk to Coldstone a few doors down) or to meet friends in the evening after work.

The hosts placed us at our own large table in the bar area, so I did not really see the main dining room, but it looked great from my one quick glance. The quiet bar area enabled us chatty ladies to freely catch up with each other. We basically had the whole room to ourselves, which was a wise choice to give us space as well as prevent our escalating volume from disrupting others who were likely looking for something a bit more calm & romantic.

Not long after we sat down, we were given a breadbasket with a variety of bread and accompanied by impeccably fresh tomato sauce. Both the focaccia bread and sauce were flavorful and delicious–I ate too much! Some at the table commented that there was no olive oil on the table for dipping sauce, but I bet it could have been provided upon request.

As appetizers, we had the Caprese salad, Calamaretti Dolmati (fried calamari), and an Antipasto platter. The mozzarella on the Caprese was delicious, but the tangy, tasty vinaigrette on the salad in the middle of the platter totally won me over.

The calamari was fried to perfection with larger pieces than at most restaurants. I’d never tried an antipasto platter before, but it appeared to have great selections. There was a slightly shaky moment at our end of the table when a few guests had trouble seeing the menu in the dark, and a Lemondrop drink from the bar didn’t taste quite right. However, the server promptly and politely rectified the drink problem, and the candles on the table helped to brighten up the menu. Problem solved!

Read more…

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Tom Ham’s Lighthouse

3 Generations bringing you a truly special dining experience…

Andy Baumann, GM of Tom Ham's

By Audra Leigh of San Diego Cheers

Photos by Riza Mojeda of Mojo Photography

In 1955, former bookkeeper, Tom Ham, had proven success in the restaurant world by bringing San Diego its very first “Polynesian Paradise”. It brought life to Shelter Island for locals of Point Loma and became a must-go to spot for visitors. It wasn’t until 1971 that his real dream came true when he added his second location on the scenic San Diego Bay. He passed on just two years later, and for the last 40 years, his family has lived on to tell his tale with the same two iconic San Diego locations, Bali Hai and Tom Ham’s Lighthouse. I was lucky enough to visit both venues recently to get to know the family, the chefs, and try out some of their signature dishes.

With so many choices, it can be extremely difficult to experience all that San Diego has to offer. That is why I’m not surprised that it took me quite a number of years to come across Tom Ham’s Lighthouse on Harbor Island. However, after dining there, I am perplexed about why I had never heard of this historic venue that has been around since 1971 that has captured the hearts and appetites of many locals and visitors alike.

When I mentioned this to Andy, the General Manager, as well as Tom Ham’s grandson, it didn’t seem to surprise him. Their iconic sister restaurant, Bali Hai, has taken a lot of the glory in the past years, but now that is all about to change.

After a major remodel that closed the restaurant for over 5 months, Tom Ham’s Lighthouse is officially the place to come for the best view while dining in downtown San Diego. Grab a table on the patio or perhaps a seat at the bar…even if you’re in the dining room, you will get the same view of our beautiful skyline. The muted décor highlights the nature that surrounds you at all times and allows you to focus on the brilliantly prepared dishes that arrive in front of you.

Executive Chef Lance Repp has spent years perfecting his culinary skills to bring the diners a menu that features edible masterpieces that is both visually appealing and wildly innovative. His love for creating these dishes is what made him the perfect choice for the new era at Tom Ham’s.

Walking into Tom Ham’s, you will truly feel that you are now part of something special. The family has surrounded themselves and their guests with small and large remembrances of San Diego past and present and artifacts that Mr. Ham had picked up along the way: the old and new maps of San Diego, the Boston bell, and the secret stained glass windows that spell out Tom Ham, a tribute to the man who started it all.

It made such an impact on me to learn the history of the restaurant, the family that owns and runs it, the appreciation they have for each and every employee, and the immense gratitude they have for their fans and loyal customers. It shows in every table setting, every prepared dish, and in every person that works for this incredible family. You won’t find this level of customer service without a strong backbone. From what I learned from an incredibly proud son, “We all have Mom to thank for that.”


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How to Choose an Earmold over a Dome

Choosing an earmold over a dome is something that you really need to talk to a specialist about.  A dome may be more comfortable, but it could leave you missing out on many important sounds if your hearing loss is more than what you think.  Tony Merrill of North County Miracle-Ear describes the difference between the two in this video.

Miracle-Ear is dedicated to ensuring our customers receive the best experience possible from their hearing aids, which is why we offer top-notch hearing care services, including free hearing tests, checkups, personalized programming, and aftercare for all of our hearing aid customers. We are so confident in our level of service that we offer risk-free, 30-day trial periods on all of our hearing aids.

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How to use a Remote Control with Hearing Aids

Did you know that you can control the volume and programs from a hand-held remote control?  Toni Merrill of North County Miracle-Ear shows you how to use the remote in this short video.

If you have any questions after the video, come into of her three locations in San Diego: Escondido, Oceanside, and Encinitas.

More on Miracle Ear North County San Diego: For over 65 years, millions of satisfied customers have trusted the Miracle-Ear® (ME) experts. There is no better-respected or well-known brand in hearing aids than Miracle-Ear.  By providing one of the most complete customer-care packages — including a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, a 3-year warranty on all hearing solutions, and a lifetime care promise providing free lifetime aftercare of all ME products.

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How to Write a Business Plan, Business Planning, Business Planner, Business Plan Software, Business Plan Template, Sample Business Plan, Business Plans, Business Planners, Strategy Development Software, Market Plans, Market Planning, Marketing Plan, Business Ideas, Software – StumbleUpon

NCP LOGOHow to Write a Business Plan, Business Planning, Business Planner, Business Plan Software, Business Plan Template, Sample Business Plan, Business Plans, Business Planners, Strategy Development Software, Market Plans, Market Planning, Marketing Plan, Business Ideas, Software – StumbleUpon.

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Tri-City Hospital Foundation Driving Innovative Changes in San Diego Cardiac Health, Orthopaedic Care, Mental Health and More

Continuing its decades-long tradition of investing in the award-winning medical services available at Tri-City Medical Center, the Tri-City Hospital Foundation granted $1,061,065 toward updating equipment and patient offerings in outpatient, surgery and emergency divisions of the North County hospital over the past fiscal year.

“Thanks to the outstanding leadership of our volunteer board of trustees and the generous donations of our community, 2014 was a strong fiscal year for the Foundation, and we’re thrilled to be able to lend our support to the continued excellence of Tri-City Medical Center,” said Glen Newhart, CFRE, Executive Director of Tri-City Hospital Foundation. “The grants we’ve awarded will make a huge impact in patient care, allowing Tri City Medical Center to better serve and safeguard our community, as well as pave the way for groundbreaking programs in areas including behavioral health, cardiac and surgical care.”

In late June, Tri-City Hospital Foundation board members awarded annual grants to Tri-City Medical Center. Areas of focus include new Cardiac Ablation equipment, which will enhance physicians’ ability to both diagnose and effectively treat a number of cardiac conditions at Tri-City’s award-winning Cardiovascular Health Institute, and an all-new Mental Health Crisis Stabilization Unit in the Tri-City Emergency Department. The first of its kind in San Diego County, this innovative unit will allow physicians to deliver targeted care to patients facing psychiatric crises in a private environment, protecting the safety of all patients and staff in the county’s second busiest Emergency Department, which sees more than 70,000 patients each year.

Other new projects include a spine surgery table specifically designed for both precision and patient comfort. The table syncs with the Mazor Robotic System; a tool that allows for pinpoint accuracy on spinal procedures ranging from minimally invasive surgery, or MIS, to in-depth deformity corrections. Tri-City Medical Center is San Diego County’s most experienced Mazor operations location and leverages the system frequently at its renowned Orthopaedic & Spine Institute. Grants also funded initiatives such as video intubation systems for the ICU; two state-of-the-art NAD Apollo anesthesia systems for the Surgery Department, which provide more accurate dosage levels for safer patient procedures; new BioVision X-Ray systems and more NicView cameras for Tri-City’s NICU Department.

Celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this year, Tri-City Hospital Foundation relies on the philanthropy of its community and generous contributions through fundraising events including the annual Diamond Ball Gala, scheduled for November 15, 2014; and Fashion That Heals Champagne Luncheon, scheduled for May 2, 2015. To learn more about Tri-City Hospital Foundation and how you can donate to support life-saving services at Tri-City Medical Center, visit www.tricityhospitalfoundation.org or call (760) 940-3370.

About Tri-City Hospital Foundation

Tri-City Hospital Foundation is celebrating its 50th year as a link between the community and the hospital. Since its inception in 1964, the Foundation has provided over $44 million in grants to Tri-City Medical Center. Many of the hospital’s most mission-critical facilities have been supported in whole or part by Foundation initiatives.  For more information or to become a donor please visit www.tricityhospitalfoundation.org.

About Tri-City Medical Center

Tri-City Medical Center has served its community for more than half a century and is a Gold Seal-approved full service, acute-care hospital with two advanced institutes and over 500 physicians practicing in 60 specialties. Tri-City Medical Center has become the county’s leader in robotic and minimally invasive surgical technologies, including being the exclusive county-wide provider for the Mazor Renaissance Surgical Guidance System for surgical repair of spinal deformities, injuries and rehabilitation. Tri-City Medical Center also has the only Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in North San Diego County, now with the NICView System, a password-protected webcam system that allows parents and relatives to remotely view their newest family member. For more information about Tri-City Medical Center and Tri-City Healthcare District, please visit www.tricitymed.org.

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Poway Company Mission Manager Re-Launches First Responder Tool

Poway-based Mission Manager, Inc. today announced the re-launch of its cloud-based incident manager tool that has helped first responders save lives and property in over 4,400 missions, including the 2014 San Diego fires and Boston Marathon. Product upgrades include significant improvements in infrastructure, data security and technical support.

Mission Manager – the most widely used incident management tool of its kind – provides a turnkey solution for mission planning, preparation and real-time situational awareness during live missions.

Featuring a robust database with automated reporting tools, multiple communication vehicles and extensive mapping overlays, Mission Manager essentially replaces the manual process of managing callouts by pen and paper, and producing reports via spreadsheets. Mission Manager ensures teams are ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.

Developed as a free solution by a San Diego first responder, Mission Manager has been adopted by more than 1,200 local, state, national and international agencies in all 50 U.S. states and 20 countries over the past three years.

Users include search-and-rescue organizations, fire departments, law enforcement agencies and emergency operation centers. Their missions range from single-person rescues to public events and large-scale natural disasters.

In an effort to meet growing customer requirements, Mission Manager was recently acquired by Poway, California’s Ambient Alert, Inc. Renamed Mission Manager, Inc., the company has invested significant resources to improve functionality, data integrity and technical support.

Among the recent enhancements, Mission Manager was moved to new servers at Amazon Web Services, which deliver a scalable cloud computing platform with high availability and dependability in compliance with security best practices and IT standards.

Other improvements include continuous database backups to enable point-in-time recovery of data. Mission Manager has also enlisted dedicated staff to provide technical support via the phone, face-to-face, email forums and training videos.

“We respect the critical and sensitive work of first responder organizations. That’s why we invested in a more robust solution with solid security,” said Mike Berthelot, Mission Manager President and Chief Executive Officer. “Our company’s flexible pricing model also ensures that Mission Manager will be available to the broadest possible user group, so first responders can continue serving their communities with their critical missions.”

Mission Manager’s new pricing structure serves both smaller search-and rescue organizations as well as national organizations with very specific needs. Under the tiered pricing model, Mission Manager will be available for a full year for less than the cost of one month’s cell phone service for each user.

Mission Manager has also established First Responder Grants covering up to 50% of the annual license fee to qualifying non-profit, volunteer community-based search-and-rescue and CERT organizations.

“We believe first responders are investing in their future with Mission Manager,” said Berthelot. “It provides them with a high degree of readiness so they can execute their missions more effectively and efficiently. We are pleased to be a partner in their critical work, and in turn, help save them lives and protect property.”

Designed to be used on a daily basis, Mission Manager ensures that users are prepared to react before an incident occurs. It is based on three core principles: Preparation, Readiness and Execution. It provides a team-based operational environment for day-to-day tasks and also serves as an online command center during incidents.

When used as a daily tool, Mission Manager tracks and manages everything from attendance records, training, and missions to issued weapons and equipment. It also automates the reporting process, including tracking member’s hours and producing inventory reports, in order to fulfill requirements for standard reports and government reimbursements.

In the Greater Boston area, for instance, the Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council’s SWAT team used Mission Manager to enhance security at the 2014 Boston Marathon.

As a daily user of the program, Sgt. Jim West said his team at MetroLEC relied on Mission Manager to gather the documentation needed to manage team member assignments and send SMS messages to members during the marathon.

“Mission Manager saved us hours of briefing time during the Boston Marathon. It made the team much more effective and efficient,” West said. “We’ve come to rely on Mission Manager.”

During a crisis, Mission Manager allows agencies to efficiently manage mission data via their laptops or mobile apps, significantly enhancing situational awareness. It allows commanders to track all phases of the event in real time, including team locations, event/radio logs and assignment status.

Mission Manager provides a common operational picture across multiple devices with extensive mapping overlays with categories such as topography, aviation, weather, hospitals, police and fire stations, schools, social media feeds, transportation features and natural hazards, including earthquake fault lines, floods, hurricanes and fires.

During the San Diego fires in May, Mission Manager helped the San Diego County Animal Response Team save the lives of over 100 animals, including 70 horses, according to Tony Sawyer, volunteer with the San Diego County Animal Response Team.

“Mission Manager played an important role in helping us track our personnel in the field, and the location where the animals were found and impounded,” said Sawyer, who has served as the team’s administrator for the past three years. “Prior to adopting Mission Manager, everything was done manually on scraps of paper.”

Sawyer noted that Mission Manager was also valuable in producing automated reports after the fires, since the database tracked each member’s tasks, hours and mileage logged into the system.

“We used Mission Manager to produce our after action reports, which we had to present to the county to highlight what we did during the fires,” Sawyer said, adding that it also produced the documentation required to receive reimbursements from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA.

Mission Manager is available for a 30-day free trial to new users via its website at http://www.MissionManager.com.

Mission Manager enables first responders to:

  •     Track all personnel contact information, including training, certifications and expirations, and medical information
  •     Organize events, request RSVPs and sign up for events via the team calendar
  •     Print standard ICS and NIMS forms, such as team assignments, mission status, logs, etc.
  •     Maintain records for personal gear, team equipment and vehicles
  •     Customize login access levels for each team member
  •     Upload documents; control who can see and edit them
  •     Generate personnel timekeeping and detailed mission time reports
  •     Track deployed personnel in real time on maps
  •     Create, assign and track team member tasks
  •     Track the status of personnel responding to missions
  •     Track “clues” with automated reports and locate them on mission maps automatically
  •     Drag-and-drop available personnel in standard ICS positions or on team assignments
  •     Callout line where members can receive information/mission callout telephone, SMS or email

New enhancements for the product include:

  •     An uptime guarantee of 99.9% through infrastructure upgrades
  •     Improved security and reliability of user data
  •     Full-service technical support
  •     Onsite and web-based training

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How Hearing Loss Affects Your Health

Hearing loss can cause many difficulties with your health, like: anxiety, depression, loss of balance, stress, and memory loss.

Toni Merrill at North County Miracle Ear in San Diego is here to explain to you how hearing loss affects your health and how you can get help if it already has.

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